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Remko Roosjen

Contract attorney in the Netherlands

Remko Roosjen is a highly skilled contract attorney based in Amsterdam, specializing in Dutch commercial law and international contracting. As a partner at MAAK Advocaten, Remko leads the firm’s commercial law practice, offering expert legal services to national and international businesses, government agencies, and advisors in the manufacturing industry.

With a strong focus on contract law, Remko’s expertise encompasses:

1. Drafting and reviewing commercial contracts:
– Complex collaboration agreements
– Distribution contracts
– Agency agreements
– Franchise agreements
– Production contracts
– Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
– Industrial contracts

2. Dispute resolution:
– Litigation before Dutch courts and appeal courts
– Arbitration proceedings
– Summary proceedings
– Debt collection
– Attachment procedures

3. Specialized areas:
– Product liability
– EU product compliance
– ESG-related matters

Remko’s approach to legal practice is characterized by his solution-oriented mindset, creativity, and responsiveness. He combines his extensive knowledge of Dutch and international contract law with practical business insights, making him a valuable asset for clients navigating complex commercial relationships.

Key aspects of Remko’s professional background include:

– Master’s degree in Private Law from Tilburg University
– International law studies at the University of Helsinki, Finland
– Completion of the Grotius Specialization Course in National and International Contracting
– Membership in the Association for Distribution, Franchise, and Agency Law
– Affiliation with the German-Dutch Lawyers Association
– Legal Expert for the prestigious “Green Accelerator Program”

Remko’s expertise extends to various industries, with a particular focus on the manufacturing sector. He advises manufacturers, importers, distributors, resellers, and intermediaries on tailored legal solutions for their business needs.

In addition to his advisory practice, Remko is a formidable litigator, representing clients in civil proceedings related to commercial contract disputes. His experience covers a wide range of issues, including:

– Contract formation
– Performance disputes
– Termination of business relationships
– Warranty and indemnity claims
– Breach of confidentiality
– Professional negligence
– Misrepresentation claims
– Unjust enrichment

Remko’s international experience and multilingual capabilities make him particularly well-suited for cross-border matters. He is adept at navigating the complexities of international commercial contracts, including the application of general terms and conditions, and the implications of the Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG).

As a thought leader in his field, Remko frequently lectures at conferences and master classes for the manufacturing industry. His commitment to ongoing professional development ensures that he stays at the forefront of legal developments in Dutch and international contract law.

For businesses seeking expert legal counsel in commercial contract matters, dispute resolution, or international trade law, Remko Roosjen offers a combination of deep legal knowledge, practical business acumen, and a client-centered approach that sets him apart as a leading contract attorney in Amsterdam and beyond.

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Remko has a master’s in law from Tilburg University (2007) and attended the International School of Law at Helsinki University (2008). In 2013 he successfully completed the specialist training course in National and International Contracting Law at the Grotius Academy.

Remko is admitted to the Dutch Bar. Further to this he is a member of DFA, the Dutch Association for Distribution, Franchise and Agency law. He is also a member of the Association for Dutch-German Attorneys.

Remko is also a lecturer at various conferences and master classes for the manufacturing industry.

Remko Roosjen has registered the following principal (and secondary) legal practice areas in the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal practice areas (rechtsgebiedenregister):

– civil law (general practice)

Based on this registration, he is required to obtain ten training credits per calendar year in each registered principal legal practice area in accordance with the standards set by the Netherlands Bar.

Commercial and Contract disputes in the Netherlands

Navigating through any dispute in the Netherlands can be difficult, disruptive, and even risky. Commercial disputes under Dutch are no exception. Our Dutch attorneys offer strategic and tactical advice to businesses. we aim to protect your reputation, rights, and interests.

In today’s economic uncertainty, commercial disputes are becoming more common, also in the Netherlands. To minimize the damage to your business and yourself, it is important to seek out the best tactical advice in the Netherlands as soon as possible. Our law firm in the Netherlands has the experience to bring and defend a variety of contractual disputes in the Netherlands, for different sizes and types of businesses. This means our Dutch attorneys know what is at stake and what it takes for our clients to achieve the best result.

Contact a contract attorney in the Netherlands

Our Dutch team of experienced dispute resolution and contract lawyers in the Netherlands will collaborate with you to understand your issues and find the best approach to achieve your commercial goals. Each dispute is unique and will require a tailored solution that suits your needs.

Our considerable experience in Dutch law and in dealing with a wide range of commercial disputes in the Netherlands arising out of all types of commercial activity is included. We have a strong reputation for advising and litigating on the following contracts and disputes, among others:

Commercial dispute in the Netherlands?

Feel free to contact our contract attorney in the Netherlands. We would be happy to be of assistance. At MAAK we understand that disputes don’t have to be resolved in courtrooms, especially when clients want to maintain a commercial relationship or avoid negative PR. Our clients are encouraged to seek other cost-effective, quick and practical ways to resolve disputes in the Netherlands. We will guide you through the process. 

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