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Trade law in the Netherlands


At MAAK Advocaten, our dedication and expertise lie at the heart of everything we do. As seasoned professionals in the field of international or Trade law in the Netherlands or Commercial Law, we’re here to shed light on its intricate nuances and help businesses thrive. Trade law, commonly known as Commercial Law, governs the relationships between traders (business entities). It encompasses a broad array of regulations and statutes. Dutch trade law is not limited to the stipulations of Dutch corporate law (vennootschapsrecht) and general law of obligations (verbintenissenrecht). It also integrates essential acts like the Competition Law (mededingingsrecht), Copyright Law (auteursrecht), international (private) law, and the Patents Act (octrooi). Our team of Dutch trade lawyers have the experience that you require. We have a strong reputation in international and Dutch trade law and dispute resolution in the Netherlands.

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Dutch trade law

When entrepreneurs venture beyond national borders, their legal dealings gain an international perspective, introducing a global dimension to Dutch Trade Law. In today’s globalized world, businesses frequently operate on an international scale. This global outreach brings forth unique challenges, considering the varying legalities across nations. As a result, understanding the international facets of Trade Law becomes crucial for any entrepreneur aspiring to succeed on a global platform. For more information on international trade, please visit the Kamer van Koophandel.

Proactive Litigation Support in Holland

Litigation in Holland is intricate. Our seasoned Dutch lawyers assist clients in disputes pertaining to various Trade Law domains, be it at a national or international level. We ensure that our clients always have an edge in any legal proceeding.

Contractual Variabilities in Trade Law

Trade law governs various commercial contracts. This domain includes:

Distribution: Distribution agreements outlining how products are marketed and sold.
Commercial agency: Agency agreements, where one party acts on behalf of another.
Franchising: A system where franchisors license their resources, brand name, and operating system to franchisees.
Sale and purchase: Sale and purchase agreements defining the terms of product or property sales.

Our experience regarding trade law in the Netherlands encompasses both national and international matters (governed by Dutch law), ensuring businesses receive comprehensive legal support.

Why Choose our Dutch trade law firm?

Our team comprises specialized Dutch attorneys with profound knowledge and experience in Trade Law’s extensive spectrum. Our Dutch experts guide clients through myriad commercial contracts in the Netherlands, ensuring that all related aspects are meticulously addressed.

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At MAAK Advocaten, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to our clients. Our track record speaks volumes about our dedication and success in Trade law and other legal practice areas.

In conclusion, navigating the vast seas of Trade Law can be daunting. However, with expert guidance and meticulous attention to detail, businesses can not only comply with legal mandates but also use them to their advantage. At our commercial law firm in Holland, we’re here to ensure that happens, every step of the way.

Non-Compliance & Remedies under Dutch law

Inevitably, challenges arise in business. At MAAK Advocaten, we’ve garnered expertise in addressing complexities and Dutch legal remedies such as:

Claims with the Dutch court: Compensation for breach of agreements.

Retention of title: Retention of title clauses, allowing sellers to retain property ownership until payment completion.

Dissolvement: Termination (“ontbinding“) of contracts.

Force majeure: Force majeure issues, addressing uncontrollable events affecting contract fulfillment.


Dutch law

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