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English-speaking attorneys in the Netherlands

Our English-speaking attorneys in the Netherlands provide clients with top-notch legal representation to help you reach your objectives. From Dutch law and international commercial trade law to Product Compliance and Regulation, our attorneys strive for success. MAAK Attorneys in the Netherlands provide English-speaking attorneys with in-depth expertise and practical application of the law for your case. As a highly reputable, well-respected law firm in the Netherlands with a strong presence throughout the country, you can rest assured knowing they have your back. From our Amsterdam office, our attorneys in the Netherlands provide legal services to a diverse group of foreign and Dutch companies, entrepreneurs, professionals and property businesses as well as their owners/operators. Every legal question is unique and every answer is tailored specifically for that question. Our experienced Dutch attorneys are willing to spend time listening to and understanding your problem in legal terms, as well as speaking on your behalf if necessary. We aim to present your case in the best light possible and obtain legal remedies that address the root cause of the issue at hand. Our English-speaking attorneys in the Netherlands are approachable, pragmatic and can draw upon experts within our other network nationwide for a tailored solution to each client’s legal requirements.


Remko Roosjen

Martin Krüger
Félique Kouthoofd

Claartje van der Marel

Bente van Doorn

Jolmer de Haas
Sander van Someren Greve

Annette Moranne

Max Schwillens

Faranaz Ishak

Jacco Bruinsma

Shannon Blonk

Lotte Elschot

Maud van den Berg

Carolin Schneider

Sabine Vletter

Angela Heijer-Soldaat


Netherlands Attorneys

Attorneys in The Netherlands are commonly referred to as “advocaten”. These legal professionals possess the necessary qualifications to give advice, represent clients in court, and draft legal documents. Advocaten are required to complete a law degree, professional training program and pass the bar exam in order to be admitted to the Dutch Bar Association (“Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten“). Advocaten are strictly regulated by this organization and must abide by strict ethical principles. Lawyers may specialize in various areas of law, such as commercial law, litigation in the Netherlands, product regulation, corporate law, criminal law and more. Asking trusted friends, family members and business associates for recommendations on a reliable law firm or representative in the Netherlands is an effective way to begin your search. Our experienced attorneys in Amsterdam are all registered with the Dutch Bar and ready to provide legal representation in the Netherlands. Additionally, the Dutch Bar website provides helpful resources for those searching for qualified Dutch attorneys. Each case is unique, so not all attorneys in the Netherlands are suitable for you. While many offer initial consultations free of charge, not all do. At MAAK, we always welcome a chance to talk with you first before any engagement takes place. When it comes to litigation in The Netherlands, an experienced litigation attorney is always ready to answer your initial and urgent queries.

Dutch lawyers 

Civil law, also referred to as private law in the Netherlands, is the most prevalent form of legal system. Derived from Roman law and composed of written legislation and codes, civil law encompasses a range of areas including contract law, property law and family law. Entrepreneurial businesses may face intricate legal matters that necessitate professional guidance from an experienced business lawyer. No matter if you are just starting out or have been in business for some time, having a business lawyer on your team can provide invaluable assistance in navigating legal risks and making informed decisions that align with your objectives. At our Amsterdam business law firm, we recognize that every business is different and requires tailored legal counsel. Our experienced attorneys in the Netherlands draw on their years of expertise to offer proactive guidance on all aspects of your company’s operations. Our civil lawyers in the Netherlands collaborate with you to develop long-term strategies that meet your business objectives, and help reduce legal risk by anticipating potential issues before they occur. With our expert insight and reliable advice from attorneys in the Netherlands, you can feel secure as you take on this new journey.

Lawyers in Holland

Attorneys in the Netherlands play an important role in helping to uphold its reputation as one of the countries with the most comprehensive legal systems. According to recent statistics, there are currently over 18,000 attorneys registered in The Netherlands With such a high concentration of legal experts, it is no wonder why this small but mighty nation continues to set global trends when it comes to reforming laws. We will take a closer look at what motivates these professionals and examine how they are contributing to making life better for those who live within their jurisdiction. Furthermore, we’ll discuss some of the challenges facing Dutch attorneys today, including issues related to technological advances and increased globalization. By examining the history of Dutch lawyers and discussing current trends impacting their profession, this article aims to provide readers with an understanding of how attorneys from Holland continue to be trailblazers when it comes to furthering justice around the world.

Dutch legal professionals

The Netherlands is home to a wide array of legal professionals. Dutch lawyers are trained in the civil law system and must pass both an exam and a series of tests to be admitted to practice law. The Dutch Bar Association (Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten) regulates all aspects of practicing law, including who may become a lawyer, what types of cases they can handle and how they must conduct themselves while representing clients. With these standards ensured by the Dutch Bar Association, citizens feel confident relying on attorneys throughout their legal proceedings. 

Type of Dutch lawyers

The Netherlands is home to a wide variety of legal professionals, each with their own unique set of skills and expertise. According to the Dutch Bar Association, there are nearly 19,000 attorneys who practice law in the country. These include both civil lawyers and corporate lawyers as well as those specializing in other areas such as criminal defense or family law. 

Dutch law offices and representation

The Netherlands is home to many law offices, providing a variety of legal services. Dutch lawyers can provide clients with legal counsel and representation in the Dutch court system. There are numerous law practices across the country that specialize in various areas of law including civil litigation, corporate governance, labor laws, taxation, criminal defense and more. Lawyers who practice in the Netherlands must be members of the “Orde van Advocaten” (Order of Legal Counsel). All qualified attorneys must abide by certain regulations regarding their conduct when representing clients and ensure they adhere to the highest ethical standards. Additionally, all dutch legal counsels are required to go through rigorous training before being admitted into any of these associations. Finding suitable legal representation for your needs can prove difficult at times but there are resources available to help you make an informed decision about selecting a lawyer.  In order to make sure you are getting the most effective representation possible, consider engaging multiple attorneys if needed. This will allow you to benefit from different perspectives while gaining access to specialized expertise when seeking Dutch legal advice. By exploring all available options when selecting counsel for your case in the Netherlands, you can feel confident knowing that your claim is being handled by knowledgeable professionals who understand the complexities of Dutch litigation.

Understanding The Netherlands Legal System

The Netherlands is renowned for its comprehensive and unique legal system. The Dutch law, which includes the civil code, commercial codes, criminal procedures and administrative regulations are all linked in a way that makes it easy to understand. In addition, there are many resources available online as well as numerous educational institutions providing courses on dutch law topics such as litigation in the netherlands. Keeping up with recent updates and developments in this area of expertise requires an understanding of various areas of the law but also staying informed via reliable sources like dutch law news outlets. At present, lawyers within the Netherlands have the chance to practice at both national and international levels due to their extensive knowledge base and experience. This has allowed them to become experts in handling complex cases, either through arbitration or court proceedings, regardless of where they may be located geographically. Additionally, lawyers can specialize even further by practicing in certain specific fields such as data protection or tax law. Moreover, members of the Netherland’s Bar Association (NOvA) enjoy several benefits including access to exclusive events and networking opportunities with other professionals from different sectors around Europe. NOvA also provides great support to new barristers entering into the market while ensuring ethical standards are maintained amongst practitioners who are representing clients within the country’s justice system. With these safeguards put in place by NOvA, citizens can rest assured that their rights will be respected when engaging with attorneys across Holland. Transitioning now then into exploring more about ‘the role of the netherland’s bar association’.

The Role Of The Netherland’S Bar Association

The Netherlands is home to a variety of legal professionals, all of whom play an important role in the country’s justice system. Lawyers, attorneys, or advocaten as they are known locally, make up this group and are regulated by the Netherland’s Bar Association (NOvA). This organization sets standards for professional conduct and ensures that Dutch lawyers adhere to them. To become a lawyer in the Netherlands requires meeting several educational requirements. If these criteria are met, then admission into either one of their four regional chambers is granted. These chambers also provide additional training programs and continuing education opportunities so that advocates can remain informed on current developments within their field.

An attorney must maintain his/her license with NOvA through annual membership fees, abiding by its ethical guidelines, completing mandatory courses provided by local chambers and keeping track of “PO points” earned each year. It is through such measures that NOvA works to ensure high levels of professionalism among Dutch legal professionals. Furthermore, it provides resources such as online databases containing court decisions and legislation which prove invaluable for practitioners. In addition to regulating the practice of law in the Netherlands, NOvA serves another purpose: protecting citizens’ rights when dealing with legal matters. By setting strict standards for practicing attorneys, clients can be assured they will receive quality service no matter who they choose to represent them legally. With this assurance comes greater confidence within the judicial system overall as people know their cases will be handled responsibly and ethically according to established protocols. With such stringent regulation in place, it stands to reason that there would be specific demands placed upon those seeking entrance into the profession-namely education requirements for Dutch Attorneys.