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For disputes and litigation in the Netherlands, you have come to the right place with our Dutch litigation lawyers. We act for our clients in civil courts, arbitration institutions and in penalty proceedings. Initiating summary proceedings or lodging an appeal is where our lawyers have a strong reputation. Our lawyers are sharp, decisive and, of course, dedicated. We will endeavour to represent your interests as best we can at every stage of a dispute. We negotiate when possible and litigate when necessary. When the case calls for it, we will arrange for a prejudgment attachment or ask the court to lift an attachment or have witnesses heard. We act for clients before every court of fact in the Netherlands. We work with short lines of communication.

Renso van Wieringhen Borski

Remko Roosjen

Martin Krüger

Katja Schroeter – van Rossum

Faranaz Ishak

Jacco Bruinsma

Maud van den Berg

Max Schwillens

Frans de Voldere

Felicia Wang

Adriaan den Hertog

Sander van Someren Greve

Carolin Schneider

Claartje van der Marel

Carla Nelles