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Intellectual Property law


Intellectual property law (IP law) is the collective term for a number of special types of property law, including tradename, trademarks, design rights, copyright and patent law. Our Dutch lawyers in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) are specialists in the field of IP/IT law and represent our client in and outside court. Thanks to our sector-based approach, we are familiar with the legal challenges of all players within the supply chain regarding IP and IT matters. This enables us to respond effectively to new regulations, to appreciate new innovations within the sector, and to have a clear picture of the interests of parties. Within each expertise, we have years of experience and are happy to help you further.


Choice of law in the Netherlands

Choice of law in the Netherlands

Choice of law in private international law means that parties with an international legal relationship are free to choose the law applicable to their contract

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Corporate and commercial law firm

Our law firm is located in Amsterdam. From our office, we care for the interests of our foreign and domestic clients.  Commercial and corporate contracting is indispensable in trade and a business dispute is sometimes unavoidable. From the moment you need an effective team of lawyers in the Netherlands who excel in the area of Dutch law in front of you and who have a feel for the sector your organization is active, MAAK Advocaten is here.  Distinctive with our sector-based approach, we are happy to support you with your national and international ambitions and challenges.

For entrepreneurs with business partners in the Netherlands, certain special features should be taken into account when negotiating or drafting contracts under Dutch law. For example, when doing business with Dutch parties, it should be borne in mind that binding agreements can already arise during negotiations and before the actual contract is signed. Furthermore, possible language barriers and a different business culture can lead to misunderstandings during contract negotiations in the Netherlands. This applies regardless of whether it is a new cooperation or a settlement agreement to settle a dispute.

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