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About us

Many of our Dutch attorneys in the Netherlands have a background in leading national and international law firms. Offering full service on the strategic legal challenges of our clients is our motivation. Our personal approach, entrepreneurial spirit and sector-oriented view make clients choose our law firm in the Netherlands. Thanks to our specialist legal know-how and excellent knowledge of Dutch and international law, we quickly get to the heart of the matter.

Our approach

Our Dutch law firm in the Netherlands is independent and the interests of our clients always come first. We are happy to help our clients to achieve success. We have experience with a wide range of companies and procedures and aim for long-term relationships with our clients. We invest heavily in relationships with our clients. By understanding our clients’ business and closely following market developments, we create added value for our clients. In this way, we work constructively together. Many of our clients come from recommendations. When the importance or complexity of the case requires it, we work together in close-knit teams, or we bring in other independent Dutch law firms. In this way, we always guarantee sufficient clout in larger projects, such as a product recall, restructuring, company takeover or mass claim.


Our clients appreciate our personal approach, thorough knowledge and the quality of our services. Our lawyers know the needs of the players within the (manufacturing) chain of companies. From distributor to reseller. But also from shareholder to director. According to our clients, we are the go-to firm in the Netherlands for the industry.

Value pricing

Thorough legal work is not the only measure of the quality of our services. Advice should always be given concerning expenses, and we feel you should expect no less from your attorney. We will be happy to confer with you, and can usually provide an accurate cost projection – an honest estimate of your costs beforehand, never after the fact. The extent of our services, as well as any financial arrangement, will be confirmed in writing. MAAK will prepare a mutually agreeable outline of your expenses – always taking value for money as its point of departure.

Diversity policy

MAAK Advocaten is committed to creating a positive environment for both our clients and lawyers. Our culture is rooted in a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. We recognize the many benefits that this can have for our clients and the wider community. We strive to create an environment that celebrates and cherishes diversity while supporting each person’s potential.

Our goal is to be an example of diversity and inclusion that unites people from all walks and perspectives. Accepting diversity is a key component of our ability to serve the community and interact with the global community.

We will continue to actively promote diversity and inclusion in all areas of our organization, including our policies, practices, programs, and practices. All contributions are welcome and appreciated, regardless of race, ethnicity or gender, age, religion or sexual orientation. MAAK Advocaten’s promise is to make sure that all employees feel valued, supported, and able to reach their goals.


ESG litigation in the Netherlands

ESG litigation in the Netherlands

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria are at the forefront of modern business strategies. They set the standard for company operations and investor expectations. ESG

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Law firm

International commercial contracts. Litigation in the Netherlands by Dutch attorneys. Arbitration in the Netherlands by Dutch attorneys. Legal advice on Dutch law. Second opinion on Dutch law by attorneys in the Netherlands. Commercial agency attorneys in the Netherlands. Distribution attorneys in the Netherlands. Debt collection attorneys in the Netherlands. Debt recovery attorneys in the Netherlands. Corporate law attorneys in the Netherlands. Business law attorneys in the Netherlands. Company law attorneys in the Netherlands.

Trial attorney

Legal representation in the Netherlands. Civil proceedings in the Netherlands. Civil attorneys in the Netherlands. Litigation in the Dutch courts.


Debt collection attorneys in the Netherlands. Debt recovery agents in the Netherlands. Freezing orders in the Netherlands. Pre-judgment attachments in the Netherlands.


Our Dutch law firm in the Netherland specializes in commercial law, corporate law, privacy law, transport law, international private law, civil litigation, arbitration, international trade, business law, company law and EU Product regulations.

Our lawyers are dedicated professionals and will be happy to assist you in the Netherlands. Fee free to contact one of our Dutch attorneys for more information. We have the experience that you require.

“Maak has a great team
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us very well and
are really
thinking with you on
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them again in the future.”

P. Evers.