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Our attorneys in the Netherlands are specialists in the field of Dutch law. Our Dutch lawyers have a strong reputation regarding Dutch commercial contracting, litigation, debt collection in Holland, commercial law, trade law, transport law, (EU) product compliance, liability law and construction law. In these areas, MAAK Attorneys is regarded as the leading specialist law firm in the Netherlands for the manufacturing industry. Thanks to our sector-based approach, we are familiar with the legal challenges of all players within the supply chain. This enables us to respond effectively to new regulations, to appreciate new innovations within the sector, and to have a clear picture of the interests of parties. Within each expertise, we have years of experience and are happy to help you further. In need of legal assistance from a contract lawyer in the Netherlands or a litigation attorney in the Netherlands? Feel free to contact us.


Choice of law in the Netherlands
Choice of law in the Netherlands

Choice of law in private international law means that parties with an international legal relationship are free to choose the law applicable to their contract

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Dutch Contract Law

Our experienced team navigates the complexities of contract law in Holland to offer comprehensive legal solutions. Whether you’re drafting, reviewing, or disputing contracts, we provide expert guidance to ensure your agreements are sound and enforceable under Dutch jurisdiction.

Debt Collection in the Netherlands

Struggling with unpaid debts? Our debt collection services in Holland are tailored to swiftly recover outstanding amounts while adhering to local regulations. We utilize effective strategies to negotiate settlements and, when necessary, initiate legal actions to secure your rightful dues.

Dutch Construction Law

 Embark on construction projects with clarity and legal assurance. Our Netherlands construction law services cover contract drafting, project disputes, regulatory compliance, and more, ensuring your ventures are legally sound and successful in the Netherlands.

Dutch Commercial Law

Stay competitive within the Dutch market with our comprehensive Dutch commercial law services. We advise on drafting commercial contracts, addressing regulatory compliance, and resolving disputes, ensuring your business operations align with Dutch commercial standards.

Dutch Corporate Law

 From business formation to governance and compliance, our Dutch corporate law services cover the entire corporate lifecycle. We assist in structuring entities, handling mergers and acquisitions, and ensuring your business operations align with Dutch corporate regulations.

Litigation in the Netherlands

When disputes arise, our skilled litigators represent your interests in Dutch courts. We have a successful track record of Dutch litigation and handling diverse cases, ensuring your rights are protected and advocating for favorable outcomes in the Netherlands’ legal system.

(EU) Product Compliance

 Ensuring your products meet Dutch regulatory standards is imperative. Our experts assist in product compliance assessment, labeling requirements, and regulatory approvals, helping you navigate the Dutch market with confidence.

Liability Law in the Netherlands

Understanding liability obligations is crucial for any business. Our team specializes in liability law in Holland, offering guidance on product liability, professional negligence, and personal injury claims, helping you navigate intricate legal responsibilities.

Dutch Trade Law

Navigating international trade regulations is easier with our Dutch trade law expertise. We provide insights into import/export requirements, customs procedures, and trade agreements, helping you optimize your cross-border transactions within the Dutch legal framework.

Dutch Transport Law

 Efficiently manage legal aspects of transportation with our transport law services in Holland. We assist in resolving disputes, addressing liability issues, and interpreting regulations related to road, rail, air, and maritime transportation in the Netherlands.

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