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Corporate Law firm in the Netherlands


Dutch corporate law offices

Our corporate law firm in the Netherlands has a team of specialists in the field of international and Dutch corporate law. Our dedicated corporate lawyers in the Netherlands assist parties in a company takeover, setting up new corporate structures, or in corporate litigation in the Netherlands. Our corporate team enjoys a strong reputation drawing up and assessing business agreements, the purchase of shares, director’s liability, management buy-out of shares, and advising in the event of the dismissal of a director. We act for companies, shareholders and directors.

If you need to set up a company in the Netherlands (such as a private limited company, public limited company, or a partnership), you are at the right place. Or, if you enter a business dispute, we can conduct summary proceedings (an urgent procedure), proceedings on the merits before the civil courts, or an inquiry procedure before the Enterprise Chamber in Amsterdam. Clients count on us for their daily strategy choices and our team of corporate attorneys is at your service.


MAAK Advocaten has a team of Dutch lawyers who are specialized in both corporate disputes under Dutch law, and the drafting, negotiating and terminating of corporate agreements governed by Dutch law. Our lawyers in Amsterdam will be happy to assist you with all corporate  matters in the Netherlands. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Jolmer de Haas | Corporate Dutch lawyer

Remko Roosjen | Partner & Dutch lawyer

Annette Moranne | Dutch legal expert

Martin Krüger | Partner & Associate

Jolmer de Haas

Remko Roosjen

Annette Moranne

Martin Krüger

Dutch corporate law 

Dutch corporate law, known for its robust framework, plays a pivotal role in governing the operations and management of companies within the Netherlands. It establishes clear guidelines for corporate governance, shareholder rights, and duties of directors, ensuring that the Dutch businesses operate under a transparent and fair system. 

Why Opt for Dutch Corporate Law Expertise at Our Firm?

MAAK Advocaten excels in Dutch corporate law, particularly in attorney product regulation. Located in Amsterdam, we’re known for our detailed legal advice and robust litigation support, including unique Buy-Out Procedures in the Netherlands.

Dutch law presents various pathways for shareholder buy-outs, each with its distinct advantages:

  • Voluntary Buy-Outs: Ideal for shareholders wishing to exit.
  • Squeeze-Out Procedures: Designed for majority shareholder dominance.
  • Minority Shareholder Protections: Ensures fair treatment for all.


What Are Directorial Responsibilities and Liabilities in Dutch Corporate Law?

Directors bear personal risks for financial missteps. MAAK Advocaten navigates these complex legal territories, ensuring directors are well-protected from potential legal hazards. Our expertise covers the full spectrum of director liabilities under Dutch law.

How Are Directors Dismissed or Suspended?

The process, which MAAK Advocaten manages with careful precision, respects both the company’s and the individual’s rights, ensuring a balanced approach to director dismissal and suspension.

Why Are Preventive Measures and Corporate Documentation Critical?

Prevention stands as a cornerstone of effective corporate governance. We craft crucial documents, like shareholders’ agreements and articles of association, custom-made to meet your specific business requirements.

Corporate litigation in the Netherlands

Corporate litigation in the Netherlands deals with resolving disputes related to these corporate laws, often involving issues like breaches of fiduciary duty, conflicts among shareholders, or disputes over mergers and acquisitions. This dual system supports a stable business environment by providing clear legal recourse for resolving corporate disputes efficiently and fairly.

Choosing MAAK Advocaten: What Sets Us Apart?

  • Diverse Expertise: Our proficiency spans a broad array of corporate law facets.
  • Specialized Knowledge: We’re adept at managing corporate disputes within Dutch courts.
  • Local Insight: Our understanding of Dutch business practices is unmatched.
  • Extensive Network: We offer a broad network across the Netherlands.

MAAK Advocaten handles a wide array of corporate legal matters, from company establishment to navigating complex disputes in the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal. Our forte includes shareholder disagreements, buy-outs, share transfers, and directorial issues, ensuring your enterprise aligns with Dutch corporate law intricacies. Discover more about our corporate law offerings here, and gain insights from our blogs here.

Dutch corporate specialists

With a focus on both local and international clientele, MAAK Advocaten commits to top-tier service and competitive pricing. Our dedication to attorney product regulation and Dutch corporate law guarantees a robust legal foundation for your business.

For bespoke legal advice and litigation support in Dutch corporate law and attorney product regulation, look no further than MAAK Advocaten, your trusted partner in Amsterdam.

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Need expert advice in Dutch corporate law? Reach out to us. Our team, deeply rooted in the Netherlands, specializes in all-encompassing corporate legal solutions. From complex contract discussions to intricate litigation, we offer customized strategies to protect your business interests. Partner with us for unmatched legal expertise, prioritizing your corporate success above all.

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