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Dutch Contract Law


MAAK Advocaten NV represents businesses, families, and individuals throughout the Netherlands and internationally. Our Dutch contract attorneys in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) are specialists in the field of commercial contracting and  litigation in the Netherlands. With the right legal advice of our Dutch lawyers in the Netherlands, you can guard against potential disaster and open the way to successful business ventures. As attorneys in Amsterdam, our Dutch Lawyers offer in depth, comprehensive advice tailored to our clients. Some examples of matters which demand your contracts be addressed by a legal professional include: joint venture agreements, commercial agency contracts under Dutch law, franchise and Dutch distribution contracts, product and service supply or distribution operations, technology and software licensing under Dutch law, standardization of contracts and any complex contractual agreements.

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Jacco Bruinsma

Sander van Someren Gréve

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Franchise law in the Netherlands

Franchise law in the Netherlands

Franchising is a popular business model in the Netherlands, allowing entrepreneurs to start their own businesses under an established brand. As such, franchise law in

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Filing a claim in the Netherlands

Filing a claim in the Netherlands

Litigation in the Netherlands is a complex and growing field of law. It relates to both private disputes and public proceedings, as well as international

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Commercial agreements are an integral part of any business dealings and the establishment and enforcement issues of your agreements can make or break your complete operation. A Dutch lawyer in the Netherlands can assist in the review or drafting of contracts that protect your interests and forward your company’s goals. When you are operating across international borders, it is important to have the assistance of legal counsel with a thorough understanding of international law and contracts. Overlooking the details particular to these situations can be fatal for your business in the Netherlands and abroad. Distinctive with our sector-based approach, we are happy to support you with your national and international ambitions and challenges.

The legal team at MAAK Advocaten NV can represent you in all matters relating to your business contracts with your Dutch business partner. Our ability to negotiate compellingly and our tenacity in pursuing your objectives are invaluable when you are setting up and entering into new contracts and agreements (under Dutch law). In instances of contract disputes and breach of contract, we will fight for your rights and the most positive outcome possible. Our Dutch firm in the Netherlands can also assist when a contract needs to be terminated.  Our worldwide scope contributes to the effectiveness of our legal approach in all aspects of our service to you. Please contact one of our lawyers and ask to the possibilities.


Dutch contract lawyers in
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