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Product Regulations (CE Marking)


Product law firm in the Netherlands

Our Dutch lawyers in product compliance are specialized in European product regulation, including challenges surrounding (EU) product law, product compliance, product liability, product safety, recalls, industrial contracts, contractual disputes, crisis management and CE marking enforcement in the Netherlands.

When new products are put into circulation (or put into use) within the EEA, it is important that they meet the essential environmental, health and safety requirements. Whether imported products, or, for example, new production lines, meeting these requirements must be legally assessed. A faulty product is a potential breeding ground for an international trade dispute, or even a product recall. Our Dutch product lawyers are familiar with these dangers, the applicable European directives, harmonized standards, and national rules. In the event of a dispute, we will act on your behalf before the civil court, the Inspectorate SZW or before an arbitration institute. 


MAAK Advocaten has a team of Dutch lawyers who are specialized in EU and Dutch Product law, including commercial contracting and civil and administrative litigation. Our Dutch Product Law lawyers in Amsterdam will be happy to assist you with all Product Compliance challenges in the Netherlands and abroad. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Martin Krüger | Partner and Attorney Product Compliance

Max Schwillens | Dutch Product Law lawyer

Claartje van der Marel | Dutch Product Attorney

Félique Kouthoofd | Attorney Product Compliance

Martin Krüger

Max Schwillens

Claartje van der Marel

Félique Kouthoofd


Choice of law in the Netherlands

Choice of law in the Netherlands

Choice of law in private international law means that parties with an international legal relationship are free to choose the law applicable to their contract

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Lawyers in product regulation

Product Safety and Product Liability

Product safety and liability are not just legal terms; they’re integral parts of a brand’s identity. A mistake in either can significantly tarnish a company’s reputation. MAAK Advocaten advises and represents companies on all aspects of product safety and liability, ensuring a secure business future.

What Constitutes Product Safety?

Product safety is a multidimensional concept involving various legal frameworks. It primarily focuses on ensuring that products meet established safety standards before reaching consumers. The legislation can vary depending on the industry, making it essential to consult experts to navigate the complex legal landscape.

Which Industries Require Special Attention?

  • Automotive
  • Machinery
  • Food and Animal Feed
  • Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics

What Does Product Liability Mean?

Product Liability pertains to the legal responsibility borne by a company for any damages caused by their products. This encompasses a wide range of laws, from general tort law to specific legislation like “Productaansprakelijkheid” (Dutch Product Liability Act). At MAAK Advocaten, we specialize in both general and sector-specific regulations to provide comprehensive legal support.

Legal advice in the Netherlands

Our lawyers in product regulation (CE marking) are specialised in European product regulation. When new products are put into circulation (or put into use) within the EEA, it is important that they meet the essential environmental, health and safety requirements.

How Do We Identify Liability Risks?

Before any crisis occurs, we undertake a meticulous evaluation to identify potential risks and advise on the best course of action. This proactive approach helps mitigate complications and financial burdens down the line.

What Services Do We Provide in Crisis Situations?

Crisis Communication: Crafting effective communication strategies
Recall Actions: Planning and executing recalls
Claims Management: Negotiating and settling compensation claims

How Do We Handle Insurance Matters?

Insurance is a critical component of managing risks associated with product safety and liability. We assist in interpreting policy terms, and securing claims against liability insurers to ensure that you are adequately covered.

What Types of Claims Can We Assist With?

Damage Compensation: Both claiming and defending against damages
Regress Claims: Safeguarding your interests against third-party claims
Coverage Claims: Asserting your rights against liability insurers

Why Choose MAAK Advocaten?

1. Industry-Specific Expertise: Our team has in-depth knowledge of various industries.
2. Proactive Risk Assessment: We identify risks before they escalate.
3. Comprehensive Support: From initial advice to courtroom representation.

Product Compliance lawyers

In today’s dynamic business environment, understanding product safety and liability is crucial. MAAK Advocaten offers comprehensive services, covering all aspects from risk assessment to crisis management and insurance claims, making us your ideal partner in navigating this complex legal landscape..

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