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Product Compliance


Our team of Dutch Product Compliance lawyers

MAAK Advocaten, with its team of adept Dutch Product Compliance attorneys, offers comprehensive legal guidance to a diverse national and international clientele. These clients in the supply chain often confront intricate issues surrounding (EU) product law, product compliance, product liability, CE-marking, product safety, recalls, industrial contracts, contractual disputes, and crisis management.

Our Dutch law firm’s approach varies from proactive risk management to assertive claim defense before the civil court (“rechtbank”) or supervising authority (NVWA, ILT, Arbeidsinspectie), starting proceedings in the Netherlands, or aiming for strategic settlements. Our Dutch attorneys aim to offer not just legal solutions, but also strategies to curtail legal expenses and safeguard your brand’s reputation. Our 24/7 incident support service ensures you have access to prompt advice and intervention, crucial during product safety or liability emergencies.

MAAK Advocaten stands as a “one-stop shop,” capable of orchestrating a coordinated global response to any product-related legal challenge. Our expertise spans across various sectors, including machinery, fast moving consumer goods, life sciences, healthcare, energy, transport, and more, ensuring a nuanced understanding of sector-specific legalities.


MAAK Advocaten has a team of Dutch lawyers who are specialized in EU and Dutch Product law, including commercial contracting and civil and administrative litigation. Our Dutch Product Law lawyers in Amsterdam will be happy to assist you with all Product Compliance challenges in the Netherlands and abroad. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Martin Krüger | Partner and Attorney Product Compliance

Max Schwillens | Dutch Product Law lawyer

Claartje van der Marel | Dutch Product Attorney

Félique Kouthoofd | Attorney Product Compliance

Martin Krüger

Max Schwillens

Claartje van der Marel

Félique Kouthoofd

Product Law in the Netherlands 

Product law in the Netherlands encompasses the regulations and legal standards that govern the safety, manufacturing, and distribution of products within the market. It ensures that all products available to consumers meet specific safety and information standards, providing a legal framework to address issues related to defective or dangerous products.

Why is Product Law Important for Consumers and Businesses?

Product law serves as a critical safeguard for consumers, ensuring that the products they purchase and use are safe and of the quality advertised. For businesses, adhering to product law is essential not only for compliance but also for maintaining trust and integrity in the market. It helps in preventing legal disputes and potential liability issues that may arise from product defects or safety concerns.

Understanding the Dutch Civil Code and EU Directives

The Dutch Civil Code, particularly Book 6 on General Part of the Law of Obligations, lays down the foundation for liability issues concerning defective products. The Netherlands also adheres to EU directives, such as the Product Liability Directive (85/374/EEC), which harmonizes laws across EU member states regarding liability for defective products.

How Does Product Liability Work in the Netherlands?

Product liability in the Netherlands can be based on contract law, tort law, or specific statutory provisions. Manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers can all be held liable for damages caused by defects in their products. The law distinguishes between conformity defects and safety defects, each with its implications for liability.

The Role of the Dutch Safety Board

The Dutch Safety Board plays a pivotal role in investigating accidents and incidents related to product safety. Their findings and recommendations are crucial for understanding potential safety issues and implementing necessary legal and regulatory changes to prevent future occurrences.

Compliance and Enforcement in Holland

Compliance with product law is non-negotiable for businesses operating in the Netherlands. This involves rigorous testing, quality control, and clear labeling to ensure product safety and consumer information. Enforcement is carried out by various regulatory bodies, including the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, which has the power to issue recalls, fines, and other penalties for non-compliance.

When a product is found to be unsafe or non-compliant, businesses may need to initiate a recall. This process is heavily regulated and must be handled with care to ensure consumer safety and compliance with legal obligations. Consumers affected by defective products have the right to file claims for damages, making it essential for businesses to have robust mechanisms in place to address and resolve such issues promptly.

The Impact of Digital Products and E-Commerce

The rise of digital products and e-commerce has introduced new complexities into product law. Digital content, software, and online sales are subject to the same legal standards as physical products, necessitating a clear understanding of the laws and regulations that apply in these contexts.

Analyzing real-life cases and legal precedents is invaluable for understanding how product law is applied in the Netherlands. These cases provide insights into how courts interpret and enforce laws related to product liability, safety, and compliance, offering valuable lessons for businesses and legal practitioners.

Best Practices for Compliance and Risk Management

To navigate the complexities of product law, businesses should adopt best practices for compliance and risk management. This includes regular product audits, legal consultations, consumer feedback loops, and continuous improvement of safety and quality standards.

Dutch product Law firm

Navigating product law in the Netherlands requires a deep understanding of the legal framework, ongoing compliance efforts, and a proactive approach to risk management. By staying informed and engaged with legal developments, businesses can not only ensure compliance but also contribute to a safer and more trustworthy market for consumers.

Product law in the Netherlands is a dynamic and complex field that demands careful attention from businesses and legal professionals alike. With the right knowledge and strategies, it is possible to navigate these challenges effectively, ensuring safety, compliance, and success in the Dutch market. Contact us for all your further inquiries