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Liability Law


Our liability lawyers hold excellent expertise. We consider all problems that occur when an agreement does not run smoothly as “damage”. When a party fails to act, our lawyers make an inventory of the remedies that can be applied such as the partial dissolution, destruction, amendment or termination of the agreement. Compensation can also be claimed for loss of profit or damage to an item of property. Together with you, we estimate the damage and choose the form of the claimed compensation (e.g. payment of a sum of money). Our lawyers have a thorough knowledge of Dutch procedural law and, if the other party does not respond adequately, we will bring an action before a civil court. We will then file a claim on your behalf, such as a claim for damages or compliance with the contractual agreements.

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Franchise law in the Netherlands

Franchise law in the Netherlands

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Filing a claim in the Netherlands

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We recognise that not everything in business flows flawlessly. When mistakes are made, the question arises as to who is liable.  Our Dutch liability lawyers in the Netherlands can advise you on questions such as whether there is insurance and the exact extent of the damage.

Liability law is fairly broad and has a contractual and non-contractual component. For example, when does a claim arise from a breach of contract and when do we speak of a tort? Our Dutch law firm in the Netherlands has a strong reputation in the field of professional liability for professional errors (such as errors by accountants, bailiffs, notaries, doctors and lawyers), contractual liabilities in the event of a breach of contract, product liability, producers’ and importers’ liability and insurance issues. Our Dutch lawyers in Amsterdam will be happy to assist you.

If a party commits a wrongful act, which can be attributed to him or her, this party is obliged to compensate the damage suffered by the other party as a result.  This may, for example, be the case when a manufacturer has brought defective products onto the market and damage has occurred in the relationship with the importer/distributor. An important element of the practice of our lawyers is the issue of professional liability. This can also apply when a professional has not exercised the care that may be expected of a reasonably competent and reasonably acting colleague. This duty of care means, among other things, that a professional who advises a client in the context of a decision to be taken by a client on a particular matter enables the client to make an informed decision. Liability for buildings, hazardous substances or liability for subordinates are also recurring themes for our liability lawyers.

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