Our team of Dutch corporate lawyers

No matter how big or small your business is, you will likely need a corporate attorney in the Netherlands. It is important to have a trusted corporate attorney in the Netherlands in case your company gets into legal problems or if you are involved in a takeover. You should always have the number of a corporate attorney on your phone, so you can call at any time. Our corporate attorneys in the Netherlands are experts in advising entrepreneurs, owners-managed businesses (OMBs), and investors. Our Dutch attorneys offer advice on corporate transactions, shareholder disputes, directors’ liability, and corporate and commercial contracts. All aspects of growing and running a Dutch business – we are glad to be of assistance. Our Dutch lawyers have a strong track record of delivering creative and flexible solutions to our Dutch and foreign corporate clients.

Renso van Wieringhen Borski

Remko Roosjen

Martin Krüger

Katja Schroeter – van Rossum

Faranaz Ishak

Jacco Bruinsma

Maud van den Berg

Max Schwillens

Frans de Voldere

Felicia Wang

Adriaan den Hertog

Sander van Someren Greve

Carolin Schneider

Claartje van der Marel

Carla Nelles