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Corporate attorneys in the Netherlands


Our team of Dutch corporate lawyers

No matter how big or small your business is, you will likely need a corporate attorney in the Netherlands. It is important to have a trusted corporate attorney in the Netherlands in case your company gets into legal problems or if you are involved in a takeover. You should always have the number of a corporate attorney on your phone, so you can call at any time. Our corporate attorneys in the Netherlands are experts in advising entrepreneurs, owners-managed businesses (OMBs), and investors. Our Dutch attorneys offer advice on corporate transactions, doing business in the NetherlandsDutch shareholder disputesdirectors’ liability, and corporate and commercial contracts. All aspects of growing and running a Dutch business – we are glad to be of assistance. Our Dutch lawyers have a strong track record of delivering creative and flexible solutions to our Dutch and foreign corporate clients.

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Dutch corporate law

MAAK Advocaten offers unparalleled expertise in Dutch corporate law, with a particular focus on attorney product regulation. Our team, based in Amsterdam, stands out for its comprehensive legal counsel and litigation Procedures in the Netherlands

Dutch law offers several routes for shareholder buy-outs in Holland, each with specific benefits:

  • Voluntary buy-outs for shareholders seeking an exit
  • Squeeze-out procedures for majority shareholders
  • Minority shareholder protections for equitable treatment

Directorial Responsibilities and Liabilities under Dutch law

Directors face personal liabilities for financial mismanagement. MAAK Advocaten guides directors through the legal landscape, safeguarding against potential legal pitfalls. Our Dutch law firm would be happy to provide legal services for Dutch director’s liability.

Director Dismissal Protocols

Dutch corporate law allows for the dismissal or suspension of directors, a process MAAK Advocaten navigates with precision, protecting both corporate and individual interests.

Preventive Measures and Corporate Documentation

Prevention is key in corporate governance. MAAK Advocaten drafts essential documents like shareholders’ agreements and articles of association, tailored to your business needs.

Why Choose MAAK Advocaten?

  • Expertise in a wide range of corporate law matters
  • Specialized knowledge in filing claims with the Dutch courts for corporate disputes
  • Expertise in doing business in the Netherlands
  • Excellent network in the Netherlands

At MAAK Advocaten, we handle everything from company formation to complex litigation before the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal. We excel in shareholder disputes, buy-outs, share transfers, and directorial issues, ensuring your business complies with the intricate aspects of Dutch corporate law. Learn more about our corporate law services here and through our insightful blogs here. 

Our Commitment to Excellence

MAAK Advocaten’s seasoned team advises and litigates for both local and international clients, offering exceptional service and competitive fees. Our commitment to attorney product regulation and Dutch corporate law ensures your business’s legal foundation is solid and compliant.

For tailored legal advice and litigation support in Dutch corporate law and attorney product regulation, turn to MAAK Advocaten, the trusted name in Amsterdam.

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Seeking expert guidance in Dutch corporate law? Contact our firm today. Our Dutch team, rooted in the heart of the Netherlands, specializes in comprehensive corporate legal services under Dutch law. From intricate contract negotiations to navigating complex corporate litigation landscapes, we provide tailored solutions to safeguard your business interests. Connect with us for unparalleled legal expertise and a partnership that values your corporate success as its top priority.