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As the Netherlands continues to adapt its legal framework to align with domestic and international trends, it is crucial for businesses and individuals to stay informed about the latest updates. In order to inform you as best as possible about our services and expertise, we write about current legal themes, developments in the sector and office updates. The blogposts of our Dutch lawyers are mainly focused on disputes and civil proceedings in the Netherlands, international commercial contracting, liability law, Product Compliance & Regulation (CE marking) and Dutch Business Law.

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Evidence in Dutch civil law

Evidence in Dutch civil law

The law of evidence in Dutch civil law boils down to the difference between being right and being proved right. In legal proceedings in Holland,

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Lawyers in Amsterdam

Our lawyers represent companies in the manufacturing industry. Our law firm is located in Amsterdam. We act for companies throughout the Netherlands, both in consultancy work and in civil proceedings in the courts. From Maastricht to Groningen, from Middelburg to Nijmegen, we look after your interests. If you would like to speak directly to a lawyer, please contact us.

We would like to hear about the challenges you have and we can usually quickly assess your legal situation and which steps can best be taken. Our lawyers deliver top performances every day. We help our clients in their quest for success. We use our craft to strive for that. Craftsmanship is what we stand for. Would you like to know more about our services or do you have any questions? Our lawyers are here for you.

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successful strategy.

Strongly recommended.”

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