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For disputes and litigation in the Netherlands, you are at the right place with our Dutch litigation lawyers in the Netherlands. Our Dutch attorneys act for our clients in civil courts proceedings in the Netherlands, arbitration in the Netherlands and in penalty proceedings. Initiating summary or interim relief proceedings in the Netherlands or lodging an appeal in the Netherlands is where our Dutch lawyers have a strong reputation. Our lawyers in Holland are sharp, decisive and, of course, biased. Our Dutch lawyers will endeavour to represent your interests as best we can at every stage of a dispute. Our Dutch lawyers in Holland negotiate where possible and litigate when necessary. Where the case calls for it, our lawyers in the Netherlands will arrange for a pre-judgment attachment under Dutch law, ask the court to lift an attachment, or ask for an examination of witnesses in the Netherlands. Our Dutch lawyers work with short lines of communication: the lawyer you speak to handles your case.

Remko Roosjen

Martin Krüger

Sander van Someren Gréve



Our Dutch lawyers in the Netherlands act for companies in business disputes. We have been doing so for many years and our lawyers have an excellent knowledge of procedural law. When a dispute arises with a trading party or with another shareholder, it is important to act quickly. This usually prevents more damage and brings a solution closer. Before initiating proceedings or preparing a defence, we analyse the dispute and work with you to find the quickest and best solution. When a strong negotiation is likely, our Dutch litigation lawyers in the Netherlands will take that route. If that does not work for our client, we will litigate where necessary.

If it is important to strengthen your recovery position at an early stage and so we will advise you on a prejudgment attachment. This will attach the other party’s assets and (after the proceedings have been conducted) render them liable to be recovered. Initiating proceedings in the civil courts is done with a writ of summons and the response to this is called a statement of defence. Many paths can be taken in proceedings, such as a witness examination or obtaining advice from an expert. Our litigation lawyers quickly get to the heart of the matter and advise on the steps to be taken. Our Dutch attorneys in the Netherlands are known for their sharp focus on the substance.

“I am very pleased working
with MAAK Advocaten for a
few years now.
Can recommend them
without hesitation!”

A. de Bruin – Straetus International.