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The coronavirus has immense effects on (international) industry. In international trade, COVID-19 has led to supply restrictions. Agreements can be disrupted, which can (temporarily) prevent the parties from performing. Our lawyers have built up a great deal of knowledge and expertise and closely follow political and legal developments. The coronavirus presented itself as an ‘unforeseen circumstance’, but will not quickly be qualified as such in future commercial contracts. Our law firm has a “Help Desk Coronavirus” led by lawyer / partner Remko Roosjen. We are happy to help you in these times of searching for opportunities and security. We make a difference in the operation of your organisation and pay attention to continuity, ambitions and challenges.


ESG litigation in the Netherlands

ESG litigation in the Netherlands

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria are at the forefront of modern business strategies. They set the standard for company operations and investor expectations. ESG

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The coronavirus pandemic will continue to play a major role in 2021. The impact of the coronavirus on business has, of course, already surfaced. But it is expected that the real economic consequences will only come to light when government subsidies stop. The unprecedented nature of the pandemic means that the crisis is, legally, considered an ‘unforeseen circumstance’. An unforeseen circumstance can legally compel damage resulting from corona outbreaks to be shared out proportionately by contracting parties. For example, the hotel and catering closures and the challenges facing the events sector.  When companies are hired out, leases may (all circumstances of the situation in question being taken into account) be disrupted.

For future contracts the virus is no longer an ‘unforeseen circumstance’. Therefore, it is very important that you now have a pandemic clause in your commercial contracts. We can provide good advice about this.

Even before the virus was local to the Netherlands, our lawyers noted the disruptive trade restrictions with China and other countries. How should trade agreements be dealt with today because of the arrival of the virus? Can these (temporarily) be dissolved? Can these contracts be terminated by corona on grounds of force majeure? Is it reasonable for an agreement to be amended and must the parties always cooperate? These and many other questions have recently been answered for clients by our Corona Helpdesk. Questions about medical devices and CE marking in mouth masks and disinfection stations, among others, are also still topical. Would you like to know whether your commercial agreements are still correct? Then please contact our lawyer in contract law. We will be happy to help you with all your questions about the Coronavirus and Contracts. We will check whether your contracts are up to date, whether you need to act on them, or whether we need to conduct negotiations with your contracting party on the basis of the current contract.

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