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Contract law

Commercial agreements are at the heart of a cooperation. Contract law is dynamic field of law but our lawyers are specialised in this field and here to guide you. When at the beginning of a collaboration, MAAK Advocaten can assist you to secure agreements and put pen to paper. Our contract lawyers have built up a strong reputation when drafting and negotiating national and international agreements. Additionally, if you enter a dispute about an agreement with a party, our lawyers can intervene in civil court proceedings.


Our contract lawyers specialise in Dutch contract law and have an excellent knowledge of national and international business. Whether you are dealing with a Dutch trading partner, or concluding an agreement with a foreign party, we have the expertise to act in your best interests in a new commercial agreement. We combine our thorough knowledge of contract law with a practical slant. Our aim is to to have a good agreement on paper that is both clear to all parties and does justice to the intended cooperation.

At some point there may be a reason that a commercial agreement has to be terminated or dissolved. This may be due to the fact that the other party is not performing (or is no longer performing) well enough, but also because the deal is no longer commercially interesting. Unforeseen circumstances may also have disrupted a cooperation and it may then be necessary for an agreement to end quickly. If the parties are in conflict about this, the intervention of a civil court or an arbitration institute may be necessary. Our contract lawyers will act on your behalf in these proceedings.