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Remko Roosjen

Dutch distribution attorney

Dutch Advocate for Distribution Agreements

Remko Roosjen, a Dutch distribution attorney and legal expert in Dutch distribution agreements, specializes in drafting and assessing these distribution contracts under Dutch law. Further, his expertise extends to managing legal civil court proceedings related to Dutch distribution agreements, purchase contracts, and general sales and delivery conditions. 

Remko’s approach prioritizes the client’s interests, and he is renowned for his extensive knowledge in contract law and quick response times. Clients highly value his thorough understanding of contract law.

What Are the Key Focus Areas in Dutch Distribution Agreement Cases?

Key themes in Dutch distribution agreements include:

  • Exclusive Nature of Cooperation: Understanding the exclusive partnership between the principal and the distributor.
  • Trade Volumes and Contractual Area: Analyzing the agreed trade volumes within a contractual area and consequences of non-compliance.
  • Duration of the Agreement: Assessing the terms of the Dutch distribution agreement.
  • Non-Competition Clauses under Dutch law: Evaluating the non-compete clauses and their implications.
  • Termination of a Dutch distribution agreement and Dissolution: Navigating the conditions for termination or dissolution of the Dutch agreement.
  • Applicable Law and Jurisdiction: Determining the governing law and Dutch competent court.
  • Distributor’s Liability under Dutch law: Assessing the liabilities of a distributor.
  • Manufacturer’s Brand Use: Understanding the terms of brand usage by the manufacturer.
  • Delivery Formalities: Review the formalities involved in product delivery.
  • Compliance with Product Regulations: Ensuring compliance with (EU) product regulations.
  • Confidentiality of Sensitive Information: Safeguarding confidential business information.
  • Fulfillment of Contractual Obligations: Overseeing the fulfillment of contractual obligations, including product delivery and payment.

Dutch distribution law

As an advocate in Dutch distribution law, Remko Roosjen values personal relationships with clients. He has extensive experience in negotiations, legal advisement, and civil procedures. His ultimate goal is client satisfaction with the outcome. Additionally, Remko has significant expertise in matters related to product regulation (CE marking), involving (EU) directives, regulations, and harmonized standards.

What Other Legal Services Does MAAK Advocaten Offer?

MAAK Advocaten in Amsterdam offers various legal services:

  • Product Law: Legal advice on (CE) marking and compliance with EU regulations, product recalls, and product liability.
  • Distribution Agreement Law: Expertise in drafting and reviewing Dutch distribution agreements.
  • Dutch and International Contract Law: Specialization in various aspects of Dutch and international contract law.
  • Litigation in the Netherlands: Representation in civil procedures and short trials. 

Remko Roosjen has registered the following principal (and secondary) legal practice areas in the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal practice areas (rechtsgebiedenregister):

– civil law (general practice)

Based on this registration, he is required to obtain ten training credits per calendar year in each registered principal legal practice area in accordance with the standards set by the Netherlands Bar.

Dutch attorney for contact law

Remko has a master’s in law from Tilburg University (2007) and attended the International School of Law at Helsinki University (2008). In 2013 he successfully completed the specialist training course in National and International Contracting Law at the Grotius Academy.

Remko is admitted to the Dutch Bar. Further to this he is a member of DFA, the Dutch Association for Distribution, Franchise and Agency law. He is also a member of the Association for Dutch-German Attorneys.

Remko is also a lecturer at various conferences and master classes for the manufacturing industry.

Dutch Distribution Specialist

International Contracting

Cross-border Litigation