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New Dutch Law on Quality Debt Collection Services

The new Dutch Law on Quality Debt Collection Services

With the New Dutch Law on Quality Debt Collection Services (in Dutch: Nederlandse Wet Kwaliteit Incassodienstverlening (Wki)), coming into effect on April 1, 2024, a new threshold for quality in Dutch debt recovery services is set. This law mandates registration for debt collection service providers, contingent upon meeting specific quality and reliability standards, such as obtaining a Certificate of Conduct (VOG). Our Amsterdam-based law firm for debt collection is prepared to meet these requirements, under the vigilant eye of the Inspectorate for Justice and Security, the primary regulatory body for this sector.

Debt collection in Holland

When an invoice remains unpaid, you might consider engaging a Dutch debt collection lawyer. In the Netherlands, the process of recovering debts is well-regulated, involving various stages and professionals. A key player in this process is the bailiff, who plays a crucial role in enforcing judgments and executing measures against a debtor’s assets. Our Dutch debt collection lawyers, with their specialized knowledge, can represent clients in civil courts across the Netherlands and expedite the process through an order for payment procedure in urgent cases.

Fees for debt collection services in the Netherlands may vary, including hourly rates or fixed fees, with our litigation experts ready to guide you through the cost structure of different procedures. Law firms, bailiffs, and debt collection agencies are among the entities that can assist with these proceedings, each subject to oversight to ensure fair and ethical practices.

Who is Affected by the New Dutch debt collection Regulations?

The Wki targets entrepreneurs engaged in extrajudicial debt collection on behalf of third parties or those who have had claims assigned to them, focusing on debts from individuals residing in the Netherlands. Legal professionals and bailiffs are also expected to adhere to these regulations, with oversight provided by the respective supervisory bodies.

Mandatory Registration for Service Providers under the new Dutch debt collection law

Starting April 1, 2024, debt collection service providers must be registered, a process overseen by Justis. This registration, which requires annual renewal, is crucial; without it, providers cannot operate extrajudicially from April 1, 2025. The public registry allows verification of a provider’s registered status, offering transparency and protection for debtors and creditors alike.

The Role of the Dutch Justice and Security Inspectorate

The Inspectorate’s role is pivotal in ensuring compliance with the Wki, focusing initially on informing and encouraging adherence to the new standards, and intervening when necessary. While the initial approach may be lenient, significant or persistent violations, especially those harming vulnerable consumers, will face stringent penalties.

This legislation marks a significant step towards enhancing the integrity and effectiveness of debt collection practices in the Netherlands, ensuring that all parties involved adhere to the highest standards of quality and reliability.

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