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Amsterdam law office

Are you in search of legal advice in Amsterdam? Do you have a legal question or would you like to request a price estimate? Don’t hesitate to call one of our litigation attorneys in the Amsterdam or contract attorneys to make an appointment, or send us an email. Our law firm in Amsterdam specializes in serving medium-sized and large businesses in the Netherlands and abroad, as well as providing legal assistance to governments and individuals.

What sets our business law firm in Amsterdam apart is our combination of both advisory and litigation practices, leading to solutions and results that best serve our clients. With a focus on contract law, liability law, product compliance, and international law in the industrial sector, our firm has access to international markets through international partnerships. Our lawyers in Amsterdam also contribute to the development and progress of our firm and other stakeholder groups through memberships in professional associations and broad community interests. Located in the Kraanspoor in Amsterdam North, our Amsterdam office is easily accessible with driving directions available on our office map. There is generally ample parking within walking distance of our office.

Attorneys in Amsterdam

Our experienced lawyers from our law firm in Amsterdam are experienced and specialize in all areas of law that are relevant to businesses and entrepreneurs. Over the years, we have acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience in various legal fields, both nationally and internationally. The strength of our Amsterdam law firm lies in our ability to apply this knowledge and expertise in a practical and down-to-earth manner, providing support in legal conflicts and dilemmas with a straightforward, direct, and practical approach. Our team of over thirty lawyers in Amsterdam is highly skilled in various legal areas and is ready to assist with any legal needs.

Updates by our Amsterdam law firm

MAAK Advocaten stands as a beacon of legal excellence in Amsterdam, offering an extensive range of services that cater to the complexities of Dutch business law and beyond. This guide shines a spotlight on the capabilities and services of MAAK Advocaten, a leading Dutch law firm renowned for its expertise and client-centric approach.

Why Opt for MAAK Advocaten?

Mastery in Dutch and International Law

MAAK Advocaten is celebrated for its profound knowledge in Dutch business law coupled with its capacity to provide sound international legal advice. This dual competence is vital for clients who navigate the intricate realms of both local and international legal systems.

At MAAK Advocaten, the range of services is comprehensive and all-encompassing. From adept litigation support to strategic tax advisory, the firm caters to various legal needs. Whether it involves intricate debt collection processes, or the need for specialized attorneys, MAAK Advocaten delivers.

Core Services at MAAK Advocaten

Commercial law

The firm excels in commercial law, offering guidance on commercial contracts, commercial disputes and legal business advice. Their approach ensures legal compliance and strategic planning to align with the client’s business objectives.

Intellectual Property and Technology Law

In today’s digital era, the importance of intellectual property and technology law cannot be overstated. MAAK Advocaten offers specialized services in this domain, aiding clients in safeguarding their innovations and effectively navigating the complexities of technology law.


Recognizing Amsterdam’s global appeal, MAAK Advocaten is adept at addressing the legal needs of expatriates and international clients. From immigration issues to establishing businesses in the Netherlands, the firm offers tailor-made solutions.

The MAAK Advocaten Difference

Understanding the uniqueness of each client’s situation, MAAK Advocaten emphasizes personalized legal strategies. These bespoke solutions are crafted to address specific challenges, ensuring client satisfaction and successful legal outcomes.

Interdisciplinary Expertise

The firm prides itself on its interdisciplinary team, merging insights from various legal branches to offer holistic solutions. This multidisciplinary approach is especially advantageous in navigating complex legal issues that require a broad spectrum of expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the key legal services offered by MAAK Advocaten? MAAK Advocaten specializes in a variety of services, including commercial law, litigation, Product Compliance, and commercial legal assistance.

  2. Does MAAK Advocaten handle international legal matters? Yes, the firm is well-equipped to offer international legal advice, leveraging their expertise in both Dutch and global legal frameworks.

  3. Does MAAK Advocaten provide services specifically for expatriates? Indeed, MAAK Advocaten offers specialized services tailored to meet the unique legal needs of expatriates in the Netherlands.

In summary, MAAK Advocaten in Amsterdam offers a rich and varied landscape of legal services. Catering to local businesses, international corporations, and individuals, the firm is adept at guiding clients through the complexities of both Dutch and international law with a personalized and comprehensive approach.

Visit our law firm in Amsterdam

Our Amsterdam office is easily accessible, and you can generate door-to-door driving directions from our office map. There is generally ample parking within walking distance of our office.

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“We needed legal representation
for a dispute based in the
Netherlands and our U.S. attorney
connected us with the team at
MAAK Advocaten NV.
The representation of our interests
were handled extremely well and we
feel we could not have made a better
selection of a law firm”

T. Hess, Vice-President 
Cascade LLC.