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Law firm in Amsterdam


Amsterdam-based law firm

Our legal expertise is used to support your commercial and strategic needs. We work with you to plan for the future and solve problems efficiently.

MAAK Advocaten NV is a law firm based in Amsterdam focused primarily on serving the legal needs of foreign and European major players in the manufacturing industry. Our Dutch attorneys in Amsterdam understand the legal issues of the various players in the industry including suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, commercial agents, and other parties.

Our attorneys in the Netherlands also have a deep understanding of resellers and end-consumers. This includes liability matters, disputes and safety. With our wide array of experience and understanding of various perspectives, MAAK is sure to be able to help you reach the solutions to the strategic challenges of your organisation.

Latest blogs

“We needed legal representation
for a dispute based in the
Netherlands and our U.S. attorney
connected us with the team at
MAAK Advocaten NV.
The representation of our interests
were handled extremely well and we
feel we could not have made a better
selection of a law firm”

T. Hess, Vice-President 
Cascade LLC.

Attorneys in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Cross-border business can be dynamic. Our Dutch attorneys in Amsterdam understand the difficulties foreign entrepreneurs face every day in Europe and the Netherlands. MAAK Advocaten serves both Dutch and foreign businesses as well as government agencies and supervisory authorities with a special focus on the manufacturing industry. There are many risks and pitfalls in this industry. These include to name a few technical risks, compliance risks, and liability risks.

Our attorneys in the Netherlands can offer full-service legal advice wherever your company requires it. Our international client support team can help you understand the needs and requirements of companies who want to set up and grow in the Netherlands.

Many companies from overseas have benefited from our assistance, ranging in size from the smallest brands to the most well-known companies. Our team is committed to helping businesses make a smooth transition into the Dutch market. We would be happy to help you create a bridge between the Netherlands and you, to help navigate the issues and pitfalls and support your organisation.

Numerous cases have been handled by our attorneys. Whether you need a negotiator to help pave the way to an equitable resolution or want to secure your rights with a writ of attachment or initiate proceedings, the specialists at MAAK Advocaten regarding litigation in the Netherlands are at the ready to help you. If required, we are happy to assist you in handling proceedings in the Netherlands. A dispute could have serious consequences for your business’ development. This is why disputes need to be handled by specialists who understand your needs. We can quickly evaluate commercial and corporate trade disputes and discuss strategy with you.

MAAK Advocaten has a lot of experience and expertise in finding the best solution for your unique problems. Our office is located in Amsterdam, however we work all over the country and in all Dutch jurisdictions to provide you dedicated, excellent, and straightforward tailor-made legal services.