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Dispute about buying a horse in the Netherlands


MAAK  Attorneys advises both buyers and sellers in relation to the sale and purchase of horses. Not every deal goes smoothly. A dispute about buying a horse in the Netherlands is a regular occurrence. Our specialist equine lawyer in the Netherlands Maud van den Berg has the experience that you require. The first step in advising a buyer to be successful is to identify and contact the seller. There are many scenarios where sales agents might be involved. You need to look at the documents and facts in each case to establish the identity of the buyer. It is also necessary to determine whether the horse is purchased privately or through a sale of a company. After our Dutch lawyers have reviewed the evidence, this question can then be answered. To be considered an ordinary business transaction, a sale does not have to be made by horse dealers. 

Contact our Dutch horse lawyer

Get legal assistance from our Dutch attorneys for horse law that are focussed on serving your interests in the Netherlands. Maud van den Berg is our Equine Lawyer in the Netherlands and would be happy to be of assistance. We can help you with a cost-effective solution to a variety of equine legal problems, including (but not limited to):

  • Disputes about buying a horse in the Netherlands
  • Horse purchase agreement with a Dutch party
  • Horse training agreements
  • Sale and purchase agreements of horses under Dutch law


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Dutch lawyers for Horse law

Our Dutch lawyers are focussed on serving you. We have a lot of experience regarding litigation, negotiations and drafting and preparing legal documents in the Netherlands, such as horse agreements, training agreements and sale and purchase agreement under Dutch law.

Parties have no written horse agreement

While you might think it is unnecessary to sign a contract for a low-value horse, keep in mind that you could be paying more than thousands of euros or pounds per annum in costs. 

When a dispute about a horse arises in the Netherlands, and proceedings follow, it can lead to enormous discussions about the intentions of the parties. Especially if nothing has been set down in writing, or has not been clearly formulated. That would be a missed opportunity and we recommend always including these kinds of essential matters in a horse agreement.

If the horse is injured or has other medical issues, in addition to paying regular expenses, you could also have to pay veterinary fees that can run into thousands of pounds.You must immediately act if you are not satisfied with the horse you bought.

Civil proceedings in the Netherlands concerning a horse

Proceedings concerning a horse may have various bases. For example, the horse may have defects, i.e. it does not meet the contractual requirements. It may also be the case that the purchase price has not been paid or that delivery has simply not taken place. In all these situations, it is important that you seek the assistance of a lawyer in the Netherlands with expertise as soon as possible.

If the case is urgent, our specialised lawyers in horse law are available immediately for litigation in the Netherlands. If you have suffered serious damage, we will assess it together with you and, if necessary, institute proceedings in the Dutch courts.

If the recovery position of your counterparty is uncertain, our Dutch lawyers can examine with you whether a prejudgment attachment is possible, with which we can obtain more security.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our specialists for equine law in the Netherlands.

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