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Corporate Law (M&A)


MAAK Advocaten has a team of specialists in the field of corporate law. Our Dutch corporate lawyers in the Netherlands assist parties in a company takeover or set up new structures. Our corporate / M&A team enjoys a strong reputation with drawing up and assessing business agreements, the purchase of shares, director’s liability, management buy-out of shares, and advising in the event of the dismissal of a director. We act for companies, shareholders and directors.

If you need to set up a company in the Netherlands (such as an private limited company, public limited company, or a partnership), you are at the right place. Or, if you enter a business dispute, we can conduct summary proceedings (an urgent procedure), proceedings on the merits before the civil courts, or an inquiry procedure before the Enterprise Chamber in Amsterdam. Clients count on us for their daily strategy choices and our team of corporate attorneys is at your service.

Faranaz Ishak

Sander van Someren Gréve



Our Dutch corporate lawyers in the Netherlands will help you set up a company or advise you on, for example, a shareholder agreement. You can also contact our lawyers for setting up a joint venture, a merger or a company takeover. Much of our advisory work also concerns the liability of directors, the position of a work council, supervisory board or the way in which shareholders can influence the ‘ins and outs’ of a company.

When a dispute arises between shareholders it is often about an alleged improper performance of duties or a discussion about the interpretation of a shareholder agreement. If the company suffers damage as a result of the actions of a director or shareholder, we can represent your interests before a civil court or in an inquiry procedure before the Enterprise Chamber in Amsterdam. Together with you, we determine the strategy and we can act directly on your behalf.

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