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Contract law in Holland


Commercial Contracting in the Netherlands

MAAK Advocaten is a Dutch law firm specializing in a number of practice areas, including Dutch contract law. We represent businesses, families, and individuals throughout the Netherlands and internationally. Our Dutch contract lawyers in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) are specialists in the field of commercial contracting and litigation in the Netherlands. With the right legal advice of our Dutch lawyers in the Netherlands, you can guard against potential disaster and open the way to successful business ventures. As attorneys in Amsterdam, our Dutch Lawyers offer in-depth, comprehensive advice tailored to our clients. Some examples of matters that demand your contracts be addressed by a legal professional include joint venture agreements, commercial agency contracts under Dutch law, franchise, and Dutch distribution contracts, product and service supply or distribution operations, technology and software licensing under Dutch law, standardization of contracts and any complex contractual agreements.

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Netherlands contract law

At this time of global crisis, manufacturers, retailers, and distributors must adapt their business operations in light of shifting patterns in the demand and supply of various goods and services. Adjusting to an altered economic landscape due to Covid-19 and the price changes for raw materials will have an effect on your commercial contracts, e.g. you might wonder whether you have the right to terminate supplier contracts or vary customer terms, etc. We provide advice regarding any contractual matters caused by lockdown disruption such as suspension/termination clauses as well as force majeure clauses and liability issues affecting either party involved parties involved – whatever their role within an organization.

Our Dutch contract lawyers in the Netherlands can offer legal guidance in all areas related to contract law in Holland and running your business, including providing advice regarding drafting and negotiation of commercial agreements necessary to safeguard business interests.

Our team of Dutch contract attorneys advises clients on commercial matters related to intellectual property rights (IP Law), ownership and licensing agreements (Licensing Agreements), branding, data protection compliance, confidentiality agreements (NDAs), master services agreements (MSA), consultancy agreements in the Netherlands and contracts for goods supply / supplier agreements / agent & distributor arrangements / franchising.
If your business is facing an issue of particular complexity or risk, get in touch. Our attorneys in the Netherlands will advise on technical considerations, provide solutions-driven commercial guidance and facilitate any drafting or negotiation necessary.

At MAAK Advocaten we have considerable expertise advising innovative technology businesses from multiple fields including big data, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and (EU) Product Compliance. We regularly perform health checks of existing commercial and contractual arrangements while updating or creating any necessary new documentation as required.

Dutch contract law attorneys

MAAK Advocaten provides its clients in various sectors – manufacturing, technology and international transport – with expert commercial contract lawyers for legal support services. At our firm, our aim is not only to ensure your commercial contracts are legally compliant but also that they reflect the nature of the relationship with customers, suppliers and partners and help your business manage risk effectively. As commercial contract lawyers in the Netherlands, our aim is to understand your business and become your trusted adviser.

Our commercial contract solicitors in the Netherlands enjoy an outstanding reputation for offering legal advice and services on a range of company and commercial law issues to both Dutch and international clients alike. With decades of legal experience representing various commercial sectors; our partner led solicitors are capable of offering tailored legal support at every point throughout your company’s journey – from initial startup right through development until final sale if required.

Commercial law advice under Dutch law includes the creation and negotiation of written agreements, advice regarding compliance with regulatory requirements, intellectual property matters and procurement processes; as well as resolving contractual disputes in the Netherlands before they escalate and go to court.  

Our commercial contract attorneys possess both legal expertise and interpersonal communication skills that enable them to effectively work alongside you to meet client goals through commercial agreements tailored specifically towards meeting those objectives.

Many of our solicitors specialize in specific industries so we understand your need for clear, pragmatic advice that offers solutions instead of problems for your enterprise. We provide advice and assist our clients with documents or issues concerning:

At MAAK, we also cover most litigation matters, including:

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