As a manufacturer, you will need specialized counsel on the applicable laws, rules and regulations, on specific agreements with customers, on liability, and on occupational health and safety rules and regulations such as the “Arbowet” (the Dutch Occupational Health and Safety Act). The attorneys at MAAK have years of experience serving as counsel to manufacturers and other parties involved in the manufacturing industry.

Our attorneys can provide advice and support if disputes arise with customers, distributors, or commercial agents; assist in obtaining a CE marking; represent you in the event you are held liable for damage resulting from a defective product. We can help you with damage control in the aftermath of having offered a defective product for sale, and in the worst case scenario, organize a product recall. We regularly represent businesses that are confronted with government inspections, or have had sanctions imposed.

We work closely with trusted outside partners when dealing with the technical aspects of questions involving product safety.

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