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Equine Disputes in The Netherlands


No matter the issue, our equine lawyers in The Netherlands will use their expertise to obtain the best results possible for you. They will defend your rights in the Netherlands by focusing on your point of view. Our Dutch solicitors represent clients in all types of disputes, including: disputes after the sale of a horse, including breach of contract or misrepresentation, all disputes concerning leases or loan agreements, including the safe return of horses, disputes over ownership of horses, disputes concerning horse damage, i.e. the non-conformity of a horse in the Netherlands, disputes regarding defective equipment, tack, or transport, disputes concerning training, production, and other professional services, disputes concerning breeding, disputes between insurers about coverage or proper valuation of horses, and equipment. We have offices in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, including modern meeting facilities should you wish to come to our Dutch law firm and speak about your equine disputes in the Netherlands, all we’d ask is that you make an appointment. We are also able to meet with you in the Netherlands most of the time.  We’d love to hear from you.


ESG litigation in the Netherlands

ESG litigation in the Netherlands

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria are at the forefront of modern business strategies. They set the standard for company operations and investor expectations. ESG

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Horse law dispute in Holland

The horse lawyers in Holland representing societies, committees, and individuals in appeals in the Netherlands are available to assist with all levels of appeals. This includes selection appeals and arbitrations related to major international sporting events. The Netherlands’ lawyers understand the stress that comes with any investigation. Our Amsterdam law firm will take care of your case.

Seminars, lectures and training from a Dutch lawyer

Our equine lawyers in the Netherlands often write for publications like “Paard & Bedrijf“, a Dutch magazine. They also have presentations given to top equine institutions. Our Dutch attorneys are available to prepare customized presentations for your organization upon request.

Dutch law firm devoted to the Equine Sector

Our Dutch law firm’s Equine department was created with one goal in mind: to assist you with all your equine legal matters in the Netherlands. Our Dutch Equine Solicitors have a deep understanding of the equestrian industry, as well as legal skills and experience from large PLCs and respected commercial law firms.

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