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Max Schwillens

Commercial lawyer in the Netherlands

I am Max Schwillens, a dedicated Commercial and Product Compliance Lawyer at MAAK Advocaten. Throughout my career, I have developed a deep understanding of Dutch commercial law, focusing specifically on product compliance (including CE marking) and regulations within both local and international contexts.

I obtained my law degree from Utrecht University, with a specialization in Dutch and European law. My passion for the subject led me to further hone my expertise in product compliance, ensuring businesses maintain the highest standards of quality and safety in their offerings.

At MAAK Advocaten, I serve a diverse clientele, advising them on commercial agreements, product compliance, (EU) regulations, and related national and international disputes. I pride myself on my meticulous attention to detail, allowing me to navigate the complex regulatory landscapes that impact my clients’ operations.

With years of experience under my belt, I understand that in the world of product compliance, proactive steps are just as crucial as reactive measures. Consequently, I work closely with clients to build robust compliance programs, perform risk assessments, and implement preventive measures, ensuring they are always on the right side of the law.

My role also extends to representing clients in litigation related to product compliance and safety. I believe in fighting tenaciously for my clients while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

As a commercial lawyer in the Netherlands, Max has done work for many innovative organisations seeking solutions for new business challenges, even though they may, for instance, be struggling with issues under International Private Law regulations. Among other things, he advises and provides support to organisations vis-a-vis: drafting / assessing business contracts commercial litigation in the Netherlands, LOIs, NDAs, compliance issues, breaches, conducting civil court proceedings etc.

Max also provides support to our litigation practice in the field of (international) trade disputes. As a Dutch litigation attorney in the netherlands, Max also assists our commercial clients in proceedings before courts in the Netherlands. He also advises organisations with product safety issues involving the machinery regulations.

Admitted to the Dutch Bar.

Attention to detail