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Faranaz Ishak

International business lawyer in the Netherlands

Faranaz is a international business lawyer in the Netherlands for civil law. Faranaz has extensive experience in drafting and reviewing business agreements and can provide guidance on matters surrounding their termination. Because of her excellent knowledge of Dutch corporate law, contract law and Dutch procedural law, Faranaz can directly add value to foreign parties. 

Dutch Business lawyer

In addition, Faranaz has built a strong track record in starting a business in the Netherlands and all the facets that come with a startup, scale-up or other foreign venture. This includes setting up a company and incorporating an enterprise. Faranaz has an excellent network of notaries, tax consultants and other advisors.

Business litigator in Holland

Civil proceedings in the Netherlands, sometimes, are unavoidable. Our clients want a result that meets their expectations. That is why Faranaz tailors her approach to the situation. If you are considering a Dutch litigation attorney, it’s because you have a serious legal issue. Faranaz considers it a great privilege and even greater responsibility to take on Dutch litigation cases in the Netherlands.

Business dispute lawyer in the Netherlands

Faranaz specializes in commercial, business and corporate dispute resolution in the Netherlands. She advises and litigates on various commercial, corporate and IT disputes, including issues relating to contractual liability, commercial contracts and directors’ and professional liability. Faranaz also has experience in insolvency related matters and the new WHOA. Faranaz advises various Dutch and foreign companies on large and complex matters. She serves domestic and international clients from the manufactuering industry, automotive, IT telecommunications, mechanical and engineering, infrastructure, as well as logistics and transportation industries.

Admitted to the Dutch Bar.



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