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Dutch litigation lawyers


Dutch litigators

At MAAK Advocaten, we have dedicated Dutch litigators who have extensive experience in helping clients resolve commercial disputes in the Netherlands. Our Dutch litigation attorneys in the Netherlands are known for their high-profile work, excellent client satisfaction and outstanding reputation. Our litigation lawyers in the Netherlands can help with litigation and dispute resolution in the Netherlands for a variety of business disputes, including commercial contract disputes, commercial property disputes, partnership disputes, international trade disputes, transport disputes and professional negligence claims. Our commercial dispute and litigation attorneys in the Netherlands have earned a strong reputation for combining exceptional legal expertise with real world business acumen based on many years of successfully advising a wide range of foreign and national clients. Because of their breadth of experience, our Dutch litigation lawyers can handle complex multi-dimensional cases that are beyond what is possible for narrowly-based law firms. Referrals from other professionals or lawyers make up a significant portion of our work.

While seeking an amicable solution out-of-court is generally our first approach, please be assured that our Dutch litigation team will not back down from a court fight where this is the right way forward. If civil court proceedings are necessary, our attorneys use our extensive advocacy skills to tirelessly fight for our clients’ positions. Our commercial litigation solicitors have very strong court experience, having represented clients for most of the Dutch courts and with an excellent track record of success.We can tailor our approach to suit a variety of commercial situations and priorities. The litigation attorneys in the Netherlands will seek to find the best solution possible and avoid any court battles. The costs involved will be explained and outlined by our commercial litigation specialists.

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Dutch litigation lawyers

Remko Roosjen

Martin Krüger
Sander van Someren Greve

Faranaz Ishak

Jacco Bruinsma

Maud van den Berg

Max Schwillens

Claartje van der Marel

Legal support

Sabine Vletter

Angela Heijer-Soldaat

Carolin Schneider