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Bente van Doorn

Dutch Litigation Lawyer

Bente van Doorn is a Dutch litigation lawyer specialising in Dutch contract law, liability law and private international law. Bente advises and litigates for (international) companies in various sectors within the manufacturing industry, including electronics, construction, retail and creative industries. 

Bente has extensive experience in national and international commercial (trade) disputes under Dutch law. These disputes under Dutch law may concern a breach of contract, product liability or other (professional) liability. In addition, Bente has a strong reputation in the field of interim injunction proceedings (urgent proceedings), interim relief proceedingsinterlocutory proceedings, including cases relating to the imposition or lifting of pre-judgment attachments

As a Dutch litigator, Bente conducts proceedings before all (civil) courts in the Netherlands, both at first instance before the District Court and on appeal before the Court of Appeal. In addition, Bente assists companies as an arbitrator for various national and international arbitration institutions, such as the NAI, ICC, ICDR or the Council of Arbitration in Construction Disputes.

Prior to working as a Dutch lawyer, Bente worked as a corporate lawyer for several companies. Thanks to this experience, Bente knows how important it is to have a lawyer who can take the pressure off and provide clarity. Bente is therefore happy to act as an (easily accessible) sparring partner, so that entrepreneurs can concentrate on what they love most: doing business.

Bente is registered with the Dutch Bar Association in the following main (and sub)areas of law:

– Civil procedure law
– Arbitration law
– Attachment and Enforcement
– Litigation
– Contract law
– Agency and distribution

By virtue of this registration, she is obliged to obtain ten training points in each of the main areas of law registered in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association every calendar year.


Litigation specialist

Sparring partner