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Sabine Vletter


Sabine Vletter has been a member of the MAAK Lawyers team since March 2022. She is in the crucial final phase of her bachelor’s degree in law, where her passion and knowledge for the law is growing every day. Sabine focuses on supporting our lawyers in three core areas: contract law, liability law and procedural law.

What makes Sabine unique as a legal assistant?

With her drive, enthusiasm and zeal, Sabine is a valuable asset to our team. Her energy is contagious and creates a positive working environment that contributes to the success of MAAK Lawyers.

Sabine’s unique combination of energy and legal acumen makes her a valuable asset to our firm. She not only provides support in complex matters, but also brings fresh perspectives and innovative solutions.

In the rapidly changing world of law, it is essential to think ahead and adapt. Sabine embodies these qualities, making her a perfect addition to our team. Her dedication and expertise in contract, liability and litigation law enhances our services and contributes to our collective success.