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Claartje van der Marel

Dutch Product Compliance Lawyer

Claartje van der Marel is a Dutch Product Compliance lawyer. Based in the Netherlands, Claartje has carved a niche for herself as a Product Compliance lawyer, guiding domesatic and foreign businesses through the complex regulatory landscape that governs products in various industries. 

Regulatory Frameworks

Claartje’s profound knowledge of both Dutch and European Union regulations ensures that her clients’ products meet all necessary standards. She navigates the maze of compliance requirements with ease, from safety and environmental regulations to consumer protection laws.

A Strategic Approach to Compliance

With Claartje, it’s not just about meeting the bare minimum. She adopts a strategic approach, ensuring that compliance becomes a competitive edge for her clients. Her ability to foresee regulatory shifts and adapt strategies accordingly makes her an invaluable asset.

Commitment to Client Success

Claartje’s dedication goes beyond mere legal advice. She immerses herself in her clients’ industries, understanding their products and markets to provide tailored and effective compliance strategies.

An Advocate for Innovation

In an era where innovation is key, Claartje champions the cause of forward-thinking companies. She ensures that regulatory compliance enhances, rather than hinders, product innovation and market introduction.

Why Choose Claartje van der Marel?

If you’re navigating the product compliance landscape in the Netherlands, Claartje van der Marel is the lawyer you want by your side. Her expertise, strategic approach, and unwavering commitment to client success set her apart as a leader in her field

As a professional support lawyer in the Netherlands, Claartje is specialized in commercial contract law and liability law. Claartje also has an excellent understanding in corporate law and civil procedural law. She is an accurate, determined and ambitious professional support lawyer who enjoys helping clients with legal challenges.


Claartje supports companies within the manufacturing industry. Among other things, she advises them on commercial contracts, liabilities and disputes. Clients appreciate Claartje because of her precision in her work, dedication and ability to communicate clearly. In addition to her mother tongue (Dutch), Claartje speaks fluent English and has a good basic command of German.

  • Contract law

  • Liability law

  • Litigation

  • Corporate (M&A)

(EU) Product Law Specialist

Expert for Product Liability

Dutch attorney