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Commercial contracts under Dutch law


Our Dutch lawyers in the Netherlands are specialists with regard to commercial contracts under Dutch law. Most of our clients operate cross-border and we have the knowlegde and expertise that you require. For international companies and entrepreneurs who are active in the Netherlands or who want to conclude contracts with a Dutch party, there are several challenges when drawing up contracts. The first is the language barrier which is not easily overcome despite the Netherlands using English frequently. Precise wording is crucial, especially for contracts. As an entrepreneur, you must therefore be careful during contract negotiations and the drafting of contracts in the Netherlands. A mistake in the contract or an imprecisely worded clause can, under certain circumstances, have considerable financial consequences. Our experienced attorneys in the Netherlands specializing in Dutch contract law will be happy to assist you in the Netherlands.

Dutch commercial contract law specialists

MAAK Advocaten has a team of Dutch attorneys who are specialized in the drafting, negotiating and terminating of commercial contracts governed by Dutch law. Our lawyers in Amsterdam will be happy to assist you with any commercial contract matters in the Netherlands. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Dutch contract lawyers

Remko Roosjen | Partner & Dutch contract lawyer

Sander van Someren Gréve | Associate & Dutch contract lawyer

Max Schwillens | Associate & Dutch contract lawyer

Jacco Bruinsma | Associate & Dutch contract lawyer

Remko Roosjen

Sander van Someren Gréve

Max Schwillens

Jacco Bruinsma

Types of Dutch commercial contracts


Choice of law in the Netherlands

Choice of law in the Netherlands

Choice of law in private international law means that parties with an international legal relationship are free to choose the law applicable to their contract

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Commercial contracting in the Netherlands

What Types of Contracts Are Crucial in Dutch Business Operations?

Mergers and Acquisitions Contracts: Ensuring Smooth Transitions In the realm of business consolidation, clear, well-structured contracts are the linchpins of success. Starting from non-disclosure agreements to safeguard initial discussions, through letters of intent that set the negotiation stage, to the final sale and purchase agreements, MAAK Advocaten ensures each step is meticulously crafted to manage the acquisition effectively and address post-sale liabilities and tax obligations.

IT Contracts: Navigating the Digital Landscape The digital age demands robust IT contracts to manage relationships between developers, service providers, and end-users. MAAK Advocaten specializes in addressing complex issues such as licensing, intellectual property rights, service continuity, and data protection within these agreements, ensuring your IT operations are secure and compliant.

Distribution and Franchise Agreements: Expanding Your Reach Whether you’re a producer looking to widen your market or aiming to establish a franchise network, MAAK Advocaten can help structure effective distribution, licensing, and franchise agreements. Our expertise ensures that your products or services reach your target market efficiently while maintaining brand consistency and compliance with Dutch law.

Service Provision and Order Delivery: Fulfilling Your Business Commitments From waste processing to software development contracts, MAAK Advocaten ensures your service provision and product delivery agreements are clear, fair, and enforceable under Dutch law, safeguarding your business operations and client relationships.

General Terms and Conditions: The Backbone of Daily Transactions Often overlooked, general terms and conditions are fundamental to any transaction. MAAK Advocaten ensures these terms are not only comprehensive and fair but also tailored to your business needs and compliant with Dutch regulatory standards.

Real Estate Contracts: Securing Your Physical Assets Real estate transactions, whether through purchase, lease, or financing, require careful legal consideration. MAAK Advocaten’s expertise in Dutch real estate law ensures your investments are protected, whether it’s commercial office space, retail locations, or residential properties.

Loan Agreements and Securities: Financing Your Growth Raising capital through equity, debt, or hybrid instruments involves complex legal documentation. MAAK Advocaten assists in drafting clear loan agreements and securing collateral, ensuring your financial arrangements are solid and compliant with Dutch law.

Shareholders Agreements: Aligning Stakeholder Interests A well-structured shareholders’ agreement is essential for defining the goals, structure, and governance of your business collaboration. MAAK Advocaten’s deep knowledge of Dutch contract law allows for flexible, bespoke agreements that meet your specific needs.

Dutch Contract Law with MAAK Advocaten

At MAAK Advocaten, we pride ourselves on our deep understanding and expertise in Dutch contract law. Our team excels in advising on, and crafting, commercial contracts that safeguard your interests and propel your business forward. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the various contracts that form the backbone of commercial operations in the Netherlands, highlighting our approach and expertise in each domain.

Legal advice on Dutch contracts

Dutch contract law also has its own peculiarities which must be taken into account in contract negotiations and the drafting of commercial contracts under Dutch law. These range from pre-contractual liability to the interpretation of contractual gaps on the basis of honesty and fairness. A well negotiated and drafted contract can minimize risks for your company and prevent disagreement. Our Dutch lawyers specializing in Dutch contract law will be happy to assist you with any questions about Dutch contract law. Unfortunately, there are often disagreements between business partners about, for example, the content of concluded contracts or the (non-)fulfilment of agreed services.

The English speaking team of Dutch lawyers of MAAK Advocaten will be happy to advise you in English on contract law in the Netherlands. Our English-speaking lawyers are specialised in reviewing existing contracts or drafting contractual agreements for new business relations. The English speaking Dutch lawyers of MAAK Advocaten in Amsterdam have the experience that you require. Do you have any questions about Dutch contract law or do you need specific legal advice in Holland about joint and several liability under Dutch law? Our experienced English-speaking specialist lawyers in Holland will be happy to help you.

Why Choose MAAK Advocaten for Your Dutch Contractual Needs?

MAAK Advocaten stands out with its team of seasoned attorneys, each bringing a wealth of experience in Dutch commercial contract law. Our collaborative approach means we work closely with you to understand your business and legal needs, ensuring personalized, strategic advice that aligns with your goals.

Whether you’re entering a new venture, expanding your business, or need guidance on specific contractual matters in the Netherlands, MAAK Advocaten is your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of Dutch law with confidence and clarity.

For bespoke legal advice and expertly crafted contracts under Dutch law, look no further than MAAK Advocaten. Contact us today to secure your business’s future.

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